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# Montreal Bookkeeping Inc.## Bookkeeping Solutions for your Small and Medium-sized Business### Why hire a Bookkeeper?Many of us who have small to medium-sized businesses find the paperwork aspectof the business frustrating and time-consuming. Not to mention the fact thatpaperwork often gets in the way of growing and nuturing your business. Butbusiness owners often can't afford to hire a full-time staff member to takecare of the financials and the result is an owner who is overworked, stressedand confused about month end statements, GST/PST filings and the generalfinancial status of the business. Bookkeepers are experienced in dealing withthese aspects of the business and are therefore more efficient at getting itall done. The result is more time, less frustration and a healthier overallbusiness.### About Montreal Bookkeping Inc.Montreal Bookkeeping Inc. has been in business for over 10 years, under thename of the President and founder, Denise Treich. Mrs. Treich has beenproviding bookkeeping services and solutions to small and medium-sizedbusinesses who wanted to spend more time growing and nurturing theirbusinesses. Her clients include transport, retail & wholesale food, marketing,real estate, construction, design services and the medical field to name afew. Montreal Bookkeeping provides the following services:  * Order entry, including daily transactions such as purchases, inventory, sales, payroll, etc.  * Invoice payments, paying the company bills on time and filing the associated paperwork  * Customer invoicing, including preparation and delivery of invoicing and collection of funds  * Month end reconcilliation \- ensuring that bank statements are accurate and coincide with your own financial records  * Balance Sheets \- providing an accurate record of all assets and liabilities of the business  * Income Statements \- providing an accurate record of all income and expenses incurred by the business either on a monthly or yearly basis  * GST/QST filings \- completion of the government paperwork regarding GST and QST filings and ensuring that the amounts are forwarded in a timely manner in order to avoid penalty payments   * Corporate year end \- reconciling your transactions to the end of your corporate year, ensuring that all balances are accurate for the production of your Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance statements   * Training \- Providing onsite training for you and your staff so that, if you choose, you can take care of your own daily bookkeeping and have a professional come in to check it on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.  * Accounting Services - Financial Statement Preparation, Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss account scheduling, Complete file preparation for Review Engagements, Inventory count observation, Budget preparation & Monitoring, Cash Flow Preparation, Internal Control Review and Strategic Plan preparation (both short & long term).###  Home  * About UsContact Us### Initial Set-up  * Simply AccountingQuickbooks### Bookkeeping Services  * Order Entry   * Invoice Payments   * Customer Invoicing  * Month End Reconciliation   * Balance Sheets   * Income Statements  * GST/QST Filings   * Corporate year end   * Training   * ###  About Us | Contact Us | (C) Montreal Bookkeeping Inc.